Thank you for attending!

Thank you to everybody who came to our conference – we hope you enjoyed it and gained some valuable information. Please check our Facebook page for photos, which will be posted sometime soon. There will also be a scholarship opportunity available to those who attended, so please check our website or our Facebook page for updates!




Quantum Leaps 2018

We are back with another great conference, held on Saturday April 7th at SFU Burnaby. You will get to see incredible speakers, workshops and panelists – don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity! Registration will begin very soon, and we are excited to be hosting this conference.

Meet our team:

Co-chair: Katherine Lew

Co-chair: Lana Whyte

Secretary: Jenny Shee

Secretary Assistant: Vaishnavi Ravikularam

Marketing Director: Alice Wang

Financial Coordinator: Cecilia Cheng


We hope to see you all there!

Quantum Leaps 2017


An exciting conference consisting of a variety of amazing speakers, workshops and panelists will be held on Sunday, April 2nd. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity- registration will begin in a few weeks!

Meet our team:

Co-chair: Nina Huang

Co-chair: Ashley Chana

Secretary: Katherine Lew

Graphic Coordinator: Lana Whyte

Financial Director: Vivian Mo


We look forward to hosting this wonderful conference and we hope to see you there!